zaryaaa (zaryaaa) wrote,

icons 02: challenge (still running)

Hello!! yes, it's me again ♥ last week i started an icon challenge the theme is: telefilms! our 5 favorite ones, and i chose game of thrones, pretty little liars, the vampire diaries, once upon a time and you're beautiful (korean drama) it's 50 icons and the challenge will be over at the end of May... so this post is like "work in progess" lol did i make any sense all this time? probably not, as usual xD


themes: no eyes, rotate, no face, villain, repeat
uV8kk uV8kk uV8kk uV8kk uV8kk
themes: negative space, dark, frame, 
uV8kkuV8kkuV8kkuV8kk uV8kk

resources: psd, texture, font, psd/ 
uV8kk uV8kk uV8kk uV8kk
theme: emotions + images
uV8kk uV8kk uV8kk uV8kk uV8kk
uV8kk uV8kk uV8kk uV8kk

Tags: game of thrones, once upon a time, pretty little liars, the vampire diaries, you're beautiful

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